PokerStaking offers full MTT and Spin & Go staking to those with a proven winning playing history.  We aim to take our team members and advance them as far as their abilities allow. Our coaching therefore focuses on advanced concepts so if you are just starting out, don’t play regularly and don’t have some long-term success already, it is likely we won’t be the right fit for you.

Flexi Staking

Our System offers full MTT and Spin & Go poker staking simultaneously

VIP Deals

Excellent VIP Deals across the majority of networks with up to 50% ADDED for Spin & Go’s

All Countries Welcome

We offer action on many networks so Full Schedules are available, for anyone, from anywhere


Flexi Staking

Our System offers full MTT and Spin & Go poker staking simultaneously. You can of course choose one discipline if you prefer. We believe however, a mix of both formats is the perfect combination in terms of developing and honing the skill sets players need to succeed in today’s climate and into the future.

This opportunity also allows empowering freedom in terms of playing schedules. Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down for 10 hours and this is a perfect solution to maintain volume without it always being a long grind commitment. FlexiStake therefore offers you enjoyment with playing variety whilst enhancing your skills in multiple areas at the same time!


All Countries Welcome

Due to our extensive knowledge and connections in the industry we are able to offer Full Playing Schedules for the majority of our applicants. Please do not hesitate, contact us so we can explore what we have on offer for you!

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Experienced Coaching

Being a true professional in any industry requires training outside of the competitive arena, just look at any long-term successful sports star. It’s the only way to improve and keep that necessary edge to win. We therefore promote a focused learning environment, and do our utmost to ensure players have everything they require to develop and grow into their full potential.

The PokerStaking Coaches have thrived at the high stakes for a decade. Poker has changed drastically and to sustain success for a duration of this period takes more than just playing well. They are here to share their secrets and unlock the doors for your long term success.

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching

2 weekly Group Webinars

Performance Monitoring

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Excellent VIP Program

Up to 50% ADDED for Spin & Go.

Deals across the majority of networks are rapidly declining, making it ever more difficult to find the return needed to keep profit healthily in the green. Rest assured this necessary addition to monthly income is secure with our setups.

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Thriving Team Community

First and foremost we are a TEAM. Everybody in the team is there to help each other and enjoy the experience of growing and playing together. Our goal is to create an environment where candidates with the raw potential and grinding work ethic are handed the tools, knowledge and all the resources at our disposal to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Crush Hard.

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